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CafeDate4Kids is designed to provide individuals or families a superior work and entertainment venue, with the opportunity to enjoy the adventure of indoor play together in a relaxed family orientated atmosphere. Parents and care takers will feel comfortable that the children can play safely while they are free to either join in, or take advantage of the opportunity to unwind with friends or make use of the modern meeting space Free Wi-Fi , meeting accessories and Café.

This place is dedicated to adult and kids parties, meetings and free play times. Parents would have some choice of altering games and activities according to their kid’s interest. Parents may also invite their favorite entertainers, magician, story teller, face painting or balloon artist to add to the fun.



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2898 Banksville Road,
Pittsburgh, PA 15216

A One-Stop Shop for Kids and Parents

Working parents have always been concerned about not being able to offer their children with proper time and care. For people who work at home or in their own workspace it is extremely difficult for them to find time for their children. In such cases, people need an option where they cannot only work in peace, but also spend time with their children - Cafedate4kids!

Cafedate4kids is that indoor place which provides an exceptional time to parents, where they can hold different events and spend time with their kids simultaneously. This workspace is designed to cater to the needs of working parents, where they can carry out their official meetings, professional works and even conferences, while setting a café date with their children. This venue allows parents and children to enjoy a relaxed and serene indoor playing experience, where there are number of different facilities being offered to the children of different age groups.




If you live in the Pittsburgh area, and you are looking for a facility to spend quality time or to organize your private little event, make your way to Cafedate4kids today!